Monday, December 29, 2008

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Oil Industry Stock Market Winners and Losers


Parallel Petroleum 8.07%
Gulf Island Fabrication 7.56%
Brigham Exploration 7.19%
Edge Petroleum 7.14%
McMoRan Exploration 7.10%


Abraxas Petroleum -10.96%
Energy Partners -4.58%
Paramount Resources -4.29%
Meridian Resource -3.17%
Daugherty Resources -1.85%

Note: % change based on the last 2 days of trading

Friday, December 26, 2008

Crude Oil Industry Headline News

"China, Taiwan Sign Deals to Boost Oil Exploration"
CNOOC and Taiwan's CPC Corp signed four agreements to boost cooperation in exploration, including the transfer of equity in an oilfield in Kenya....Complete Story

"ONGC Taps New Resources to Shape Its Future"
Fifty-two-year-old ONGC has formed a 51-officer Think Tank of brand-new recruits to pump in young and innovative ideas for tackling issues facing the oil major....Complete Story

"PSA Norway Checks Emergency Preparedness on Deep Sea Atlantic"
During the period of November 26-28, 2008, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway conducted an audit of technical and operational factors related to emergency preparedness and helicopter operations on the mobile facility Deep Sea Atlantic....Complete Story

"Nigeria Soldiers Kill 3 in Attack on Oil Facility"
Three gunmen in Nigeria died and at least four were injured in a gunfight with soldiers guarding an oil flow station in the restive Niger Delta, a military spokesman said on Friday. Lieutenant Colonel Rabe Abubakar....Complete Story

Crude Oil Stock Market Winners and Losers


Global Industries, Ltd. 8.33%
Berry Petroleum 6.90%
Tesoro Petroleum 6.06%
ICO 4.64%
RPC 3.25%


Edge Petroleum -12.50%
Callon Petroleum -6.41%
Carrizo Oil & Gas -5.74%
Allis-Chalmers Energy -5.19%
Goodrich Petroleum -4.38%

Note: % change based on the last 2 days of trading

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crude Oil Market and OPEC Headline News

"OPEC Cuts Deep, Trims Production Again"
OPEC agreed to trim an additional 2.2 million barrels of oil a day in order to help stabilize tumbling commodity prices and waning consumer demand....Complete Story

"Eni Starts Up Production from Pegasus Field in Gulf of Mexico"
Eni has started production from the Pegasus field located in Green Canyon Area, Block 385, offshore Gulf of Mexico, approximately 110 miles southeast of New Orleans....Complete Story

"Mexico to Benefit from OPEC Oil Cuts without Chipping in"
Oil-exporting Mexico stands to benefit from OPEC's 2.2-million-barrels-a-day oil cut without turning off its own spigots....Complete Story

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oil Industry Stock Market Winners and Losers

Stock Market Winners

Meridian Resource...........19.40%
Global Industries, Ltd......10.09%
Superior Energy Services.....4.74%
Trimble Navigation Limited...3.25%

Stock Market Losers

Callon Petroleum...........-30.72%
Energy Partners............-20.93%
Edge Petroleum.............-20.83%
Carrizo Oil & Gas..........-16.98%
CARBO Ceramics.............-16.13%

Note: The percentage of change is based on the last 2 days of trading
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