Thursday, March 28, 2019

Natural Gas Sets Up Another Buying Opportunity

Recently, we warned that Natural Gas may set up another opportunity for traders to buy into a support zone below $2.70 with a selling range near or above $3.00. Our upside target zone is between $3.25 and $3.45. The price of Natural Gas has recently fallen below $2.69 and we believe this could be the start of a setup for skilled traders to identify key buying opportunity in preparation for a quick +8% to +15% upside swing.

Historically, March and April have been pretty solid months for Natural Gas. Let’s go over the historical data using three different seasonality charts which all point to higher prices.

Taking a look at the data, above for both March and April it appears we should have a positive price outcome over the next 20+ trading sessions. Thus, we can determine that the likelihood of a positive price swing between now and the end of April is highly likely.

When we take a look at the chart data to see how our BUY and SELL zones are setting up, it becomes clear that any opportunity to BUY into the lower support channel, with a moderate degree of risk, could result in a very nice profit potential of between $0.35 to $0.70 on data that supports the Bullish potential as a 200%~220% advantage over downside potential.

Take a look at the data that we are presenting and try to understand that these types of historical price triggers are not foolproof, yet they do provide a clear advantage. They allow us to see if and when there is any type of advantage to our decision making and if we can identify any real opportunity for future success. We believe any further downside price activity in Natural Gas will result in additional opportunities for Long trades with $2.45 being our absolute low entry target. Our upside exit target would be any level above $2.95, or higher, and our ultimate target objective would be $3.15 or higher. Our last trade in natural gas (UGAZ) gave us 30% return in just two weeks in February!

This could be another opportunity for a trader to target a quick 8% to 15% swing trade in Natural Gas over the next 20+ days. Time to put Natural Gas on your radar again!

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Chris Vermeulen
Technical Traders Ltd.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

20 Days Left to Find Buying Opportunities in Gold

Our researchers have been glued to Gold, Silver and the Precious Metals sector for many months. We believe the current setup in Gold is a once in a lifetime opportunity for skilled traders to stake positions below $1300 before a potentially incredible upside price move. We’ve been alerting our members and follower to this opportunity since well before the October/December 2018 downside price rotation in the U.S. markets.

October 5, 2018: Prepare for a Gold and Silver Rally

December 9, 2018: Waiting for Gold to Erupt

Jan 25, 2018: Why Everyone is Talking About Gold and Silver

Additionally, our researchers called the bottom in the U.S. equities markets and warned of an incredible upside price rotation setting up just before the actual price bottom occurred on December 24, 2018.

December 26, 2018: Has The Equities Sell Off Reached a Bottom Yet

Our research continues to suggest that Gold and Silver will rotate within a fairly narrow range over the next 3-5 weeks before setting up a likely price bottom near April 21st, 2019. We’ve been predicting this bottom formation for many months and have been warning our followers to prepare for this move and grab opportunities below $1300 when they set up.

This first chart, a Monthly chart showing our TT Charger price modeling system, clearly illustrates the strength of this bullish price trend and the initiation of this trend back in early 2016. One of the strengths of the TT Charger modeling system is that it establishes a number of key price data points and trend factors. The background color highlighted ranges show price range breadth and range expansion or contraction. The dual channel facets show where price is likely to find support and resistance. The DOT LEVELS show where critical support or resistance is in terms of the overall trend channels.

Right now, we are still in a bullish trend with key support near $1165. The Dual Channel system is showing the $1260 to $1285 level is currently the most likely active support levels just below current price. Thus, we could see a move to near these levels over the next 3+ weeks and I would suggest skilled traders jump on this opportunity. The Range system is showing a current $250~350 price range, thus, any upside price breakout could easily rally within this range and push prices at least $250+ higher than current levels – likely well above $1550. If range expansion sets up, we could see prices well above $1750.

We’ve authored hundreds of research posts over the past 12+ months and the one thing that we continue to mention is that Fibonacci price theory continues to operate on the premise that “price must always attempt to find and establish new price highs or lows – at all times”. Please keep this in mind as we continue.

Take a look at the TT Charger chart, above, and the raw Monthly price chart, below. Price must always attempt to find and establish new price highs or lows – so where is price going based on the most recent price rotations? Let’s review…

After rallying in early 2016 to establish a price high of $1377.50, gold immediately rotated downward to establish a higher low near $1124.50. The $1377.50 high price was a “new price high” in terms of previous rotational highs while the $1124.50 low was a higher low price rotation point. Thus, a failed “new price low”.

Since these two price points, Gold has settled into a sideways price channel where new price highs and lows have been attempted, but have failed to breakout out of the existing previous high and low price levels. As a technician of price, we can immediately identify this as a possible “Pennant or Flag” formation. With the last “new price level” being a “new price high” we still believe that Gold will attempt to break above the recent high price levels and attempt a much bigger upside price swing.

Our analysis suggests the April 21st date as a critical date for the potential price bottom in Gold and Silver. Our belief is that this date will like result in a near term momentum bottom in price. Where price may fall, briefly, below $1290 and rotate into a “washout low” price rotation. The opportunity for this move could come 3-5 days before or after the April 21st date.

This last chart, a Monthly price chart, illustrating the Pennant/Flag formation in Gold should be the clearest example we can provide that Gold will soon break out to the upside and rally extensively higher if our research and analysis are correct. The momentum that has built up over the past 2+ years, as well as the global demand for Gold by central banks and by investors as a hedging instrument, could prompt Gold and Silver to rally at least 50~60% in this first upside breakout wave – resulting in $1900 gold prices. Silver could rally to well above $18-$19 in a similar move and the number our researchers believe may become the upside target in Silver is $21.

This big picture chart and technical pattern could still take months to unfold if the price is to test the lower end of the trading range at $1225. If our analysis is correct, Gold and Silver could begin an upside price breakout shortly after April 21st (very likely to become evident in early May 2019). The upside potential for this move is at least $1550 in Gold and at least $18 in Silver.

Please understand that any upside breakout in Gold and Silver will likely be associated with general global market weakness including the potential for some type of global crisis event. This could be related to the EU, BREXIT, China, France or any other nation burdened by debt, dealing with election turmoil or related to social or economic angst. We could almost throw a dart at a map of the globe and hit some area that is poised for some type of economic crisis.

Our last buy signal for gold and gold miners was in Sept 2018 and subscribers and our team profited from that $100 gold rally. This next opportunity here is to understand that we only have about 20-25 days to search out and isolate the best entry prices we can find in Gold and Silver before our April 21st momentum bottom date hits. This means we need to prepare for this upside breakout move in Precious Metals and prepare our other open positions for the possibility of extended downside pricing concerns. If you read our continued research posts, you’ll understand that we believe the U.S. stock market will rotate a bit lower prior to this April 21st date and rally as well.

We believe the U.S. equities markets will become a safe haven, like Gold, where foreign investors can balance the strength of the U.S. Dollar with the strong U.S. economy and continued equity price appreciation while more fragile nations deal with economic crisis events and debt concerns. Thus, we believe capital will flood the US markets after April 21st as evidence of these economic concerns drives foreign investors into U.S. equities.

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Chris Vermeulen

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Countdown to the Precious Metals Breakout Rally - Here is Our Targeted Entry Levels

If you have been following our research over the past few months, you already know that we’ve called just about every major move in Gold over the past 14+ months. Recently, we called for Gold to rally to $1300 area, establish a minor peak, stall and retrace back to setup a momentum base pattern. We predicted this move to take place back in January 2019 – nearly 30+ days before it happened.

Now, we are publishing this research post to alert you that we are about 15~30 days away from the momentum base setup in Gold which will likely mirror in Silver. Thus, we have about 20+ days to look for and target entry opportunities in both Gold and Silver before this momentum bottom/base sets up.

This Monthly Gold chart, below, shows you the historic peaks that make up a current resistance level near 1370. This level is critical in understanding how the momentum base and following breakout will occur. This resistance level must be broken before the upside rally can continue above $1400, then $1500. Ultimately, the momentum base we are expecting for form before April 21st is the “last base” to setup before a much bigger upside price move takes place. In other words, pay attention over the next 30 days before this move happens.

This next Monthly Silver chart is the real gem of the precious metals world. The upside potential for Silver is actually much bigger than Gold currently. Any breakout move will likely see Silver push well above $30 per ounce and we just need to watch the $18.90 level for signs the breakout is beginning. Silver will follow a similar basing patter as Gold. We expect only about 30 days of buying opportunity left before this basing pattern is completed. Again, watch the April 21st date as the key date for the breakout move to begin.

Palladium has reached our initial Fibonacci upside price targets. We expect price to consolidated and potentially rotate near the $1500 price level. Ideally, price could fall below the $1300 price level and target the $1100 area before finding any real support. As long as industrial demand continues for Palladium, we expect to see continued upside price activity over the long run. Right now, we are expecting a price contraction as global industrial demand may falter a bit.

Please consider the research we are presenting to you today. Our predictive modeling systems have been calling the metals markets quite accurately over the past 14+ months. If our prediction of a momentum base on or near April 21st is correct, then we should begin to see an incredible upside price swing in Gold and Silver shortly after this date. You won’t want to miss this one – trust us. There will be time to catch this move when it starts – it could be an extended upside move.

Pay attention and put April 21st on your calendar now.

If you like our research and our level of insight into the markets, then take a minute to visit our site to learn how we help our clients find and execute for success. We’ve been calling these market moves almost perfectly over the past 18+ months. Learn how our research team can help you stay ahead of these swings in price and find new opportunities for skilled traders. Take a minute to see how we can help you find and execute better trades by visiting The Technical Traders today.

Chris Vermeulen
Technical Traders Ltd.

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Saudi Arabia's "Mini Oil Embargo" May Backfire

On October 20, 1973, Saudi King Faisal announced KSA was joining in an oil embargo against the United States and Europe in favor of the Arab position in the Yom Kippur War. In an interview with international media, King Faisal said:

“America's complete Israeli support against the Arabs makes it extremely difficult for us to continue to supply the United States with oil, or even remain friends with the United States."

The price of oil quadrupled in short order, a few months. The oil shortage in America was managed by gasoline rationing by President Nixon. Drivers could buy gasoline on “odd” or “even” days, depending on the last digit of their license plate. There was also a maximum dollar amount set on purchases of $10. Motorists often had to wait in line for an hour to buy gas.

The economic impact on the U.S. and the world economy was devastating. It caused a massive recession in 1974-75, even though the embargo was lifted in March 1974. The Saudis and other OPEC producers learned how “inelastic” (i.e., non-responsive to price) gasoline demand was and their ability to stuff their coffers even with small cuts to production.

However, this episode led to legislation to build the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) as a means to offset future supply disruptions and even deter them. At present, the SPR contains roughly 650 million barrels of crude oil located in underground salt domes across the Gulf Coast.

The drawdown capacity is rated at 4.4 million barrels per day. And supplies can begin flowing into the pipeline system with 13 days of a presidential order to commence.

Saudi’s Mini Oil Embargo 

Saudi Arabia appears to be attempting to starve the US of oil supplies in a “mini-embargo.” The idea would be to signal to the world that oil supplies are lower than otherwise would be reported internationally.

In the week ending February 22nd, imports from Saudi Arabia totaled 346,000 b/d, the lowest one-week level in the data series going back to 2010. The four-week trend of 491,000 b/d was also the lowest, and 23 percent lower than a year ago. This level does not even meet the requirements of Saudi Aramco’s Motiva refinery at Port Arthur, Texas, which has a capacity of 636,500 b/d.

Despite the lack of Saudi barrels, U.S. crude stocks have nevertheless built by 4.4 million barrels since the end of December. That is because crude production is 1.9 million barrels per day higher in the year-to-date v. last year. “Other supplies,” primarily natural gas liquids are 536,000 b/d higher in that same comparison. Meanwhile, net crude imports, including exports, were 1.877 million barrels per day lower in the year-to-date v. last year. Crude inputs to refineries were 89,000 b/d higher in that same comparison.

Trump Tweet

President Trump warned OPEC on February 25th: “Oil prices getting too high. OPEC, please relax and take it easy. World cannot take a price hike - fragile!”

The Saudi mini-embargo to the U.S. may backfire by angering him. It would be a simple matter to replace Saudi imports altogether with a drawdown from the SPR until U.S. production rises another 500,000 b/d. Furthermore, the U.S. could replace Saudi barrels with imports from other sources, Iraq for example.


The Saudi ploy to drain U.S. crude inventories in support of oil prices is doomed to failure. U.S. domestic supply has risen greatly, and the net import need has dropped dramatically in the past year. The demand for OPEC’s oil is projected to drop by 1.0 million barrels per day in 2019. In 2020, the EIA projects that the U.S. will be a net oil exporter.

Furthermore, it could backfire if Trump calls for the NOPEC legislation – No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act - to be passed. The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill. America's vulnerability to Saudi embargoes has long passed.

Check back to see my next post!

Robert Boslego
INO Contributor - Energies

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