Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Long Term Gold/U.S. Dollar Cycles Show Big Trends for Metals - Part II

In the first part of our U.S. dollar and gold research, we highlighted the U.S. dollar vs. gold trends and how we believe precious metals have recently bottomed while the U.S. dollar may be starting a broad decline. We are highlighting this because many of our friends and followers have asked us to put some research out related to the U.S. dollar decline. Back in November, we published an article that highlighted the Appreciation/Depreciation phases of the market. This past research article – How To Spot The End Of An Excess Phase – Part II – is an excellent review item for today’s Part II conclusion to our current article.

Custom Metals Index Channels & Trends

Our Weekly Custom Metals Index chart, below, highlights the major bottom in precious metals in late 2015 as well as the continued upside price rally that is taking place in precious metals. If our research is correct, the bottom that formed in 2015 was a “half cycle bottom” – where the major cycle dates span from 2010 to 2019 or so. This half cycle bottom suggests risk factors related to the global market and massive credit expansion after the 2008-09 credit crisis may have sparked an early appreciation phase in precious metals – launching precious metals higher nearly 3 to 4 years before the traditional cycle phases would normally end/reverse....Continue Reading Here.

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Custom Index Charts Suggest U.S. Stock Market Ready for a Pause

Weeks after the Election Rally initiated a moderately strong upside breakout rally, our Custom Index charts suggest the US stock market may be ready for a brief pause in trending before any new trends continue. Global traders and investors jumped into the US stock market just days before the US elections expecting something big to take place. The rally that initiated just days before the US election pushed our Custom Index charts well into the upper range of the 2016 to 2018 upward sloping price channel. This suggests the US stock markets have ended the downward price reversion and are now attempting to extend into the upward price channel....attempting to resume the upward trending that started after the 2016 elections.

Weekly Smart Cash and Volatility Indexes

The Weekly Smart Cash Index, below, highlights the impressive rally recently and the upward sloping price channel that is back in play for price. The highlighted range of the upward sloping price channel is actually the lower half of the std deviation range of the 2016 to 2018 price channel. So, as of right now, the Smart Cash Index price level has yet to really breach the middle of this channel and is still only within the lower half of the channel. Still, the support near the lower boundary of this level has been retested two or three times over the past six months and held. This suggests the lower channel level (the lower heavy BLUE line) is now acting as moderate price support....Continue Reading Here.

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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Gold Wave Forecast - Is Gold Going to $3,750 or Higher?

Watching gold fall to recent lows over the past few weeks has been heartbreaking for gold bugs. We know the real value of precious metals has continued to be under appreciated over the past 24+ months – even though gold has rallied from $1165 to over $2085 (an incredible 79%). The recent 15% decline in gold has shaken some investors away from the longer term opportunities, so we wanted to share our research and highlight some simple Elliot Wave structures with you.

My research team and I believe the recent downward price trend in gold is an ideal setup for an intermediate wave 4 pullback of a broader wave 3 advance. In other words, we believe gold is in the midst of a broad advance cycle that may eventually push price levels to $5000 and above. But, we’ll focus on right now and what we believe is setting up from a technical analysis perspective.

The first thing to remember about Elliot Wave Analysis is that we must consider the broad market trends, the intermediate market trends, and the short term wave formations. With almost all types of technical analysis, we focus on different time perspectives of price trends and setups to help us better determine opportunities and outcomes....Continue Reading Here.

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