Sunday, October 10, 2021

Where The SP500 Is Headed Next Week

Everyone wishes they knew where the stock market was going to go next. What sector is going to rally? When is the subsequent market sell off? When and where to put your money to work are the questions strive to figure out. Nothing is perfect. You cannot predict the future, but if you follow something close enough, you can get a good feeling of where it’s headed next, based on what it has recently been doing.

There are two moving averages here, the 50 day and the 20 day moving average. When the price is above these moving averages in general, and they’re sloping upwards, this means the market is most likely going to continue to trend higher.

When the price is sloping down, the price is below the moving average, and the 20 day moving average is below the 50 day, just what the market is doing this week; this tells us that there’s actually a mixed market signal. The market is struggling and in a new. As the saying goes, “the trend is your friend,” so it’s always best to trade with the market trend for the chart time frame you are following....Continue Reading Here

Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Stock & ETF Trading Signals