Friday, November 13, 2020

Gold's Momentous Rally from 2000 Compared to SPY and QQQ - Part I

My research team and I went off on a wild tangent trying to identify how the markets could react to the recent spike in price activity on Monday, November 9, 2020. This is the day that Pfizer announced a 90% effective rate with its new COVID-19 vaccine, causing the US stock market to skyrocket higher before the opening bell in New York. As with most pop and drops, this incredible upside spike trailed lower for the remainder of the trading day. My research team was curious if this type of setup presented any real future outcome or trends. To this end, we focused on the QQQ and the SPY in relationship to Gold.

9 to 9 1/2 Year Gold Depreciation Cycle Ended in 2018 – What’s Next? 

Gold has been and continues to be a store of value for many around the world. At some times in history, Gold becomes undervalued in comparison to other assets (like stocks, real estate, and other tangible assets). At other times, Gold becomes more highly valued in comparison to other assets. This cycle has taken place throughout hundreds of years of history, and is rooted in the changing perceptions of market participants regarding “what/where is true value in the markets”.

When other assets are skyrocketing higher, Gold is out of favor in terms of real demand. It may still be moving higher in value, but as long as other assets seem to be increasing in value faster than Gold, demand for Gold will diminish. When most other assets enter a time of great concern or devaluation, Gold and Precious Metals usually begin to see stronger demand as the ratio between Gold prices and more traditional investment assets may be near extremes....Continue Reading Here.

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Monday, November 2, 2020

Gold and Silver Supercycles Explored

Heading into what will likely become one of the biggest events in American political history on November 3, the US stock markets are holding up quite well on Monday, November 2. My team and I have published a number of articles recently suggesting we believe wild price swings and increased volatility is to be expected before and after the US elections. 

We have even suggested a couple of stock trades that we believe should do fairly well 60+ days after the elections are complete. Right now, we want to bring your attention to the Silver Junior Miners ETF (SILJ).

The current Pennant/Flag formation that is setting up in SILJ on the following Monthly chart has peaked our attention. Diminishing volume and moderately strong support above the $12 price level suggest key resistance near $15.05 will likely be retested as metals and miners continue to attract safe-haven capital after the elections. The Apex of the Pennant/Flag formation appears to be nearly complete – a breakout or breakdown move is pending. We believe the uncertainty of the elections will prompt a possible breakout (upside) price trend in the near future....Continue Reading Here.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Crude Oil Stalls in Resistance Zone

Clear Price Channel May Prompt Big Breakout or Breakdown Move in Oil

In this report, we discuss the recent price action in crude oil and how economic conditions and the pennant flag chart pattern is indicating a big price move is about to take place over the next few weeks. While some of you may want a clear, bold prediction as to whether a breakout or breakdown may happen, as technical traders, our job is to predict different possible setups and identify the criteria that will tell us when to enter the trade upon confirmation.

Crude Oil has continued to retest the $41.75 to $42.00 resistance level over the past 30+ days. My research team believes this represents a very clear indication that further failure to advance above this level will prompt a moderate price decline – likely breaking below the $36.00 ppb price level.

We believe the completed Pennant/Flag Apex, highlighted in Light Green on the Crude Oil Futures chart below, represents a technical pattern suggesting a new price trend is pending. The recent sideways price action, highlighted by the Gold Rectangle on this chart, shows the range of price recently that is currently presenting a very clear support level (near $36) and a very clear resistance level (near $42)....Continue Reading Here.

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Learn Why Energy Stocks are Underperforming

Financial Survival Network Interview Highlights....
  • After a 30 year rally in the bond market, interest rates can’t go much higher given the lack of trust resulting in marginal returns. 
  • The lack of demand coupled with too much supply in the oil market has oil companies losing money   at these prices. Energy stocks have been underperforming which will likely continue until demand picks up or supply is significantly curtailed. 
  • Any stock market weakness or strength in the US dollar will likely lead to $1,810 Gold and $21 Silver.

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Massive Dark Cloud Cover Pattern Above Critical Support - Will It Hold?

Research Highlights.... 
  • A Dark Cloud Cover pattern is a Japanese Candlestick Pattern that is typically associated with major top setups.
  • Critical Support on the SPY highlighted by multiple technical analysis strategies suggests 335~335.25 is acting as a major support level.
  • If price stays below the $339.95 level, then we interpret the trend as being Bearish. If price moves above the $343.55 level, it is Bullish.
Critical Support on the SPY (SPDR S&P500 ETF) highlighted by multiple technical analysis strategies suggests 335 - 335.25 is acting as a major support level. The rally in the markets that started late Sunday and carried forward into early trading on Monday, September 28, 2020, suggests the market is attempting to rally above this support level to establish a potential momentum base. 

My advanced price modeling systems and Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arcs (originating from the 2009 bottom) have clearly identified this area as a critical resistance/support zone....Continue Reading Here

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gold Setting Up Just Like Before the Covid19 Breakdown Get Ready

Research Highlights....
  • Gold rebounded quickly and broke to higher prices after the COVID deep selling.
  • Our Fibonacci support levels for Gold are resting near $1,885, $1,815 & $1,790.
  • More downside pressure on price is possible, but if support is maintained at $1,885 then we could see a big upside recovery trend take Gold to $2,250.
Just before the COVID-19 collapse in the markets hit near February 25, 2020, Gold started a double-dip move after reaching $1,692 on February 24. First, Gold dipped from $1,692 to $1,564, then recovered to new highs ($1,704.50) on March 10, 2020. Then, as the deeper COVID-19 selling continued, Gold prices dipped again – this time targeting a low level of $1,450.90.

What we found interesting is how quickly Gold prices recovered and broke to even higher price levels after this deep selling. Our belief is that when a crisis event first hits, which we sometimes call the “shock-wave”, all assets take a beating – including Gold and Silver. This is the event where traders and investors pull everything to CASH (closing positions). Then, as the shock-wave ends, traders re-evaluate the price levels of assets to determine how they want to deploy their capital....Continue Reading Here.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Global Markets Break Hard to the Downside - Watch These Support Levels

Research Highlights....
  • New reports of widespread financial corruption likely triggered the current sell off.
  • Watch out for market support levels to see if this is a short term correction or the start of a downtrend.
  • Support for the DOW is just above 26,000.
  • Support for the SP500 is around 3,100.
U.S. and global markets were already under pressure over the past few weeks related to COVID-19 issues and global economic expectations. The technology sector had driven valuations to levels not seen since the DOT COM bubble near the end of August and many of the US Indexes has reached or breached all time highs again.

My research team and I warned followers to “stay cautious” throughout much of the price rally as our proprietary price modeling systems suggests the rally was isolated and not organic. The U.S. Fed has spewed capital into the markets and speculative traders piled into the “excess phase” of the market to drive price levels higher. Take a moment to review these recent research posts to learn more....Continue Reading Here.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Platinum and Palladium Set to Surge as Gold Breaks Higher

Research Highlights....

* Gold will target the $2,250 level before stalling and attempting
   another upside price rally targeting $2,500 or higher. 

* Silver will target the $33 price level when the current upside 
   move builds enough momentum, then target $38 or higher. 

* Our next upside price target for platinum is $1,410, 
   representing a +52.4% upside price target. 

* Palladium bottom in March 2020 was near $1,357. We expect a new upside price target for Palladium
   near $3,663 once it has broken out past current resistance levels. 

If you have been following my research for a while, you are already aware of past research posts suggesting Gold and Silver will advance in multiple upside price legs over the next 90+ days. Gold will target the $2,250 level before stalling and attempting another upside price rally targeting $2,500 or higher. Silver will target the $33 price level when the current upside move builds enough momentum, then target $38 or higher.

What you may not be aware of is the incredible opportunities setting up in Platinum and Palladium. Platinum has set up a very deep COVID-19 low near $550 and rallied back to briefly touch resistance near $1,035 as we can see in the Palladium Weekly chart below. Since that move, Platinum has stalled below $1,000 waiting for momentum to start another upside price leg. 

Using a simple 100% Fibonacci Measured move technique, we can easily identify the $485 price swing from the $1,035 highs to the $550 lows. All we need to do is find a support level near what we believe will be the Momentum Base level, then add that $485 to the Momentum Base level to find the next upside target in Platinum....Continue Reading Here.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

It’s Go Time for Gold - Next Stop $2,250

Research Highlights....

* Gold Pennant/Flag formation is now complete and setting
   up new momentum base near $1,925. 

* Our Adaptive Fibonacci Models suggest support will prompt 
   new Gold rally to $2,250.

* The rally in Gold will continue to extend higher over the next
   4+ weeks.

The U.S. Dollar may move lower and/or the US stock market may break recent support to prompt this new rally in Gold. If you are a follower of my research, then you know I follow gold and silver closely. I believe Gold has completed a Pennant/Flag formation and has completed the Pennant Apex. 

Further, a new momentum base has setup near $1,925 - $1,930, near the upper range of our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling System’s support range. My team and I believe the current upside price move after the Pennant Apex may be the start of a momentum base rally targeting the $2,250 level or higher.....Continue Reading Here.

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

SPY Expectations for the Rest of September

Research Highlights....

* Over the past 28 years, the SPY has gained an average of 
   3.45% in 15 of those years; it has fallen by 6.42% in the 
   other 13 years. 

* The critical support level for SPY is 332.85. If the SPY finds
   support at this level then you can expect continued, 
   moderate price increases. 

* Prepare for a moderate increase in volatility for the rest of September – watch the VIX.

My research team and I have been pouring over the charts in an effort to attempt to identify any support or weakness related to the increase in volatility over the past 7+ trading days. The VIX is currently at 29.71 after reaching a high of 38.28. We believe the increased price volatility is here to stay – at least through the end of 2020. This means skilled technical traders should prepare for some potentially large and aggressive price swings over the next few weeks and months.

September 11th and Historical Price Modeling

As we come to September 11, 2020, and reflect on the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we become more centered on what really matters in life for most of us – family, friends, health, safety, and opportunity. Even though we near a potential rotation in the market, we must never lose focus on these most essential components of our lives....Continue Reading Here.

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