Thursday, November 2, 2023

Trading Doesn't Have To Be Complicated If You Have Systems In Place

Chris joins Etienne Crete on the Desire To Trade Podcast to discuss why he believes you don’t need to trade every day to make a living from trading.

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The discussion includes the following questions:

  • Chris’ background from his introduction to trading in high school to evolving into the technical trader that he is today.
  • Treat trading like a business. How to become a consistently profitable trader. Why blowing up your account can be one of the hardest and best lessons to learn from on the journey to becoming the trader you want to be.
  • Chris’ trading style, Asset Revesting, rests between active trading and passive investing. How is this different than what most people do.
  • Why following price is so important when deciding what to trade.
  • How the market moves in wave-like patterns.
  • What an asset hierarchy is.
  • Why taking profits during a trade is so important.
  • What the Consistent Growth Strategy (CGS) is all about.
  • Setting the proper expectations is an important mindset to cultivate.
  • ‘Money Protection Mode’ – deploying risk management and position sizing tools.
  • What are the indications that the market is about to reverse?
  • Chris’ thoughts on fully trusting and following a system and strategy.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Is Exxon Mobil Gearing up to Become the #1 Energy Stock?

The American shale industry is a testament to the inventive spirit of grassroots capitalist enterprise. This sector was revolutionized by innovative frackers, who introduced groundbreaking methods of horizontal drilling and oil extraction from rock formations.

However, not all major oil companies rushed to capitalize on the shale boom with the same zeal. Global oil giant Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) cautiously approached the rich shale territory, such as the Permian basin, due to the reckless expansionism of the wildcatters, consequently burning billions of investors' funds....Continue Reading Here.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Understanding Market Dynamics To Identify Changing Trends

Chris sits down with Craig Hemke of Sprott Money to talk about where the markets may be going. Topics and questions we cover include the following:
  • What are the best assets to be in as we move into September and the coming Fall season? 
  • If Crude and Gold are holding their value, what does this indicate may happen to the overall markets next?
  • What does it mean if Copper continues to decline?
  • As yields go higher, is there potential for Bonds (TLT) to test new lows?
  • Should investors who have the buy and hold strategy being deployed in their portfolios begin to consider a different strategy?
  • What will turn a fear of missing out (FOMO) into outright fear in the market?
  • Looking at the Gold chart, what levels should we be watching now for support and resistance?

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Chris Joins Mark Yegge on Wealth Architect Podcast to Delve Deep Into Technical Trading And Asset Reinvesting

Topics and questions discussed include:
  • The history of how Chris came to trade the way he does now.
  • Fundamental vs Technical analysis.
  • Why controlling emotions, setting proper expectations, and using risk management tools are so important to trading and investing results.
  • What trading the ‘waves,’ including using a cash position, can do for your account balances.
  • The sweet spot between passive investing and active trading.
  • The truth behind why we always think we ‘have’ to be in the market.
  • Why blocking out the ‘noise’ is so important when sticking to your trading and investing game plan.
  • Moving averages and volume – are these good indicator tools to help gauge where the markets may go next or whether you should buy or sell?
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Friday, July 7, 2023

The Real Estate Bubble: From A Technical Analysis Point Of View

My focus usually lies with stock indexes, sectors, and commodities, but today, we venture into the real estate market. Real estate is a market that many people don’t fully comprehend. Many are excited by the robust housing market, believing it’s never been a better time to buy. But the reality is, I believe we’re in a phase that isn’t ideal for such investments.

Taking a leaf from Stan Weinstein’s book, he proposed that the market has four stages: Stage 1, where active investment capital isn’t advisable due to the choppy, flatlining market; Stage 2, the bull market phase; Stage 3, a volatile phase where struggle reigns; and Stage 4, a phase marked by a massive decline. Stages 2 & 4 are usually an easy time for investors to make money. 

But in Stages 1 & 3, it becomes harder to grow your capital and much easier to lose a hefty portion. This is the crucial time to preserve and protect your wealth for reinvestment when conditions improve.

This analysis works for both real estate....Continue Reading Here

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

How Should Investors Prepare For A Market Correction Or Bear Market?

Chris and Tom, of Palisades Gold Radio, cover a range of topics through the lens of technical analysis. They delve into the following questions:

  • Where is capital flowing to in the current market environment? What are the stages of the market and where are we right now? Why is the 150-day moving average important for gauging what stage the markets are in?

  • Comparing the S&P 500 to precious metals or miners, when will money flow toward the latter? How are the stock market and miners correlated? What do the topping candles on the monthly Gold chart indicate?

  • Can the US dollar and Gold go up together or will they work against each other? Is Gold the ultimate safe play for global investors?

  • What is the outlook for oil and how does its current position compare to 2007? What is the importance of established support levels and price action?

  • AI stocks seem to be holding the market up right now. What happens when these begin to falter?

  • How important is it for investors to be prepared for when the markets begin to roll over? What are the dangers of ignoring this eventuality? And what does a drawdown actually mean for an investor? What are the dangers of the Buy-and-Hold, diversification, and dividend-paying strategies?

  • How do you pull money out of the stock market with your strategies? Is frequent trading better than having fewer trades? What is an Asset Revestor? What indicators, trend analysis, risk, and position management tools are used to protect capital and grow your accounts?

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Should You Hedge Your Investments In Case The U.S. Defaults On Its Debt?

Get ready for a stellar interview as Chris Vermeulen gets down to business with David Lin on his new channel, The David Lin Report! Watch Today's Free Video Here

Six Key Topics Covered:

What is the stock market waiting for before finally picking a direction? Will the consolidation move to the upside? What is a short squeeze? Do news based events, such as the possibility of a US Debt Default, factor into your trades? Will a black swan event happen?

Is there a way to hedge against a potential U.S. Debt default, and is this a viable plan? How should investors work to protect their capital? Is cash a good position to take during market volatility?

At what point in Chris’ career did he settle on the style of trading he believes in and practices now? What other strategies or trading styles did he try, and what happened? When risk management is the main priority (protecting capital), and the stock market outperforms, will Chris change his strategy?

What is the price chart of bonds indicating may happen? Is it possible that they can break down as fast as they recently climbed? If people are moving out of traditional safe havens like bonds, where are they investing?

The disconnect between gold and gold miners persists. Why is this? Will it take a financial reset to align precious metals and miners again?

Do you share personal anecdotes do you share in your newly published books Asset Revesting or the Second Edition of Technical Trading Mastery? And what is Asset Revesting?

Friday, May 19, 2023

Gold and Silver Outlook - What's The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly?

Chris sits down with Charlotte McLeod of Investing News Network, who kickstarts the session with a high level look at gold. to talk about where the markets were and where they may be going next. 

Through the lens of technical analysis, Chris & Craig discuss the answers to the following questions....Watch Here.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Missing The Biggest Stock Market Rallies

Missing The Biggest Stock Market Rallies....Are They Worth The Agony For The Buy and Hold Investor?

I have read so many articles recently from the investment industry and the so called financial professionals about what happens to your investment account value if you don’t follow the buy and hold method.

What I have learned is just how good some professionals are at making people see precisely what they want them to through the use of misleading titles, graphs, and averages. The findings extrapolated from the presented scenarios can be downright unethical when you dig just beneath the surface.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Has A New Super Cycle For Gold Already Begun?

Chris sits down with Craig Hemke of Sprott Money to talk about where the markets were and where they may be going next. Through the lens of technical analysis, Chris & Craig discuss the answers to the following questions:

Is there a potential triple top coming for Gold? 

Will a pause and pivot from the Fed, the ongoing regional banking crisis, a massive yield curve inversion, and/or other news based moves have any effect on this?

With the size of the Gold pattern, what chart is better to glean information from – daily, weekly, or monthly?

Though lagging behind gold, Silver is starting a short term move up. Is now the time when it will begin to catch up?

Typically miners outperform precious metals, but right now, they are way off the highs. What does this mean for the upside potential of metals?

The financial/banking sector continues to be under pressure. What will happen if the lows of 2020 are broken?

Are dividends worth holding onto an asset that is falling in value?

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