Thursday, June 23, 2022

Crude Oil Breaks Downward – Rejecting The $120 Price Level

The recent downward Crude Oil trend may have caught many traders by surprise. Just before the US Fed raised interest rates on June 15, 2022, Crude oil was trading above $120ppb. Less than 5 days later, it collapsed -12% and has continued to trend lower. Currently, Crude Oil is near -17% lower than recent highs.

It appears Crude Oil has confirmed resistance near $120 and is devaluing as consumers pull away from traditional driving/spending habits while the Fed aggressively attempts to burst the inflation bubble. This type of contraction in Crude Oil is very similar to what happened in 2008-09 when the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit – Crude Oil collapsed more than -70% after IYC started trending lower in 2007....Continue Reading Here

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Trading Crude Oil With USO

Crude oil, like most commodities, is not priced as a single data point like a stock. Instead, commodities, like oil, trade via futures contracts. A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a particular commodity or security at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. Futures contracts are standardized for quantity and quality specifications to facilitate trading on a futures exchange....Continue Reading Here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Utilities Rising & Transporters Sinking - Sector Rotation Is Providing Clues

Historically, investors gravitate toward more defensive and commodity focused sectors, such as precious metals, energy, commodities, and utilities, in late cycle bull markets. Recently, the stock market is beginning to show us signs that the bull market may be coming to an end. 

Commodities such as energy, grains, and precious metals have all experienced nice rallies. Price action also confirms money flow coming out of transports and into utilities....Continue Reading Here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Waiting For GLD To Make New Highs - Gold Rally Is Still Intact

The calm of the last 3 weeks has resulted in a risk on environment. This, in turn, has led to a nice recovery rally in stocks. For the time being, volatility has subsided. However, we believe there are many underlying market risks that can still resurface without any warning.

From late 2015 to August 2020, the price of gold doubled, going from approximately $1040 to $2080. Gold then experienced a profit taking $400 pullback. Gold’s rally over the past 12 months failed to break through its $2080 price level. After retreating back to $200, gold seems to have found support at the $1900 level.

In reviewing the following spot gold chart, it appears we have broken out of an accumulation phase and seem to be preparing to move above the $2080 high.....Continue Reading Here.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

How You Can Minimize Trading Risk & Grow Capital During A Global Crisis

To minimize trading risk and grow capital during a global crisis is somewhat hinged on the answers to speculative questions. 
  • How long will the Russia – Ukraine war last? 
  • How high is the price of oil and gas going to go? 
  • How quickly will central banks raise interest rates to counter high inflation? 
  • What assets should I put my money into? 
Knowing what the Best Asset Now (BAN) is, is critical for risk management and consistent growth no matter the market condition. Buy the Dip or Sell the Rally? Let's start here with the DJI weekly chart

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Stocks Fall as Gold and Oil Jumps Amid Tension Over Ukraine - FED

The FED has made it very clear that it will raise its benchmark interest rate, the federal funds rate. This could have severe consequences and even lead to a financial crisis. They are too far behind the curve and will be labeled a major policy error in the future, most likely. They have put themselves in a situation where they are now their own hostage. They need more leadership to describe what a soft landing is going to look like. They have been too slow to act, and now they are going too fast. The “Powell Put” has now been put out to pasture.

We believe that the FED will make more rate hikes than they have announced. Goldman Sachs thinks there will be four 25-basis-point increases in the federal funds rate in 2022. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said, “he wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more interest rate hikes than that in 2022. There’s a pretty good chance there will be more than four. There could be six or seven. I grew up in a world where Paul Volcker raised his rates 200 basis points on a Saturday night.”

Mr. James Bullard of the St. Louis FED spoke out in an arrogant tone that aggressive action is now required. The markets translated this to mean that the FED was going to call an emergency meeting as soon as this coming week to hike interest rates by no less than 50 basis points. This sent interest rates soaring and stock prices plummeting.....Read More Here

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Fed Comments Help To Settle Global Market Expectations

The recent Fed comments should have helped settle the global market expectations related to if and when the Fed will start raising rates and/or taking further steps to curb inflation trends. 

Additionally, the Fed has been telegraphing its intentions very clearly over the past few months, providing ample time for traders and investors to alter their approach to pending monetary tightening actions. Read the full Fed Statement here.

In my opinion, foreign markets are more likely to see increased risks and declining price trends for two reasons. 

First, at risk nations/borrowers struggle to reduce debt levels. 

Second, foreign market traders/investors struggle to adapt to the transition away from speculative “growth” trends. 

I think the U.S. Dollar may continue to show strength over the next 4+ months as the foreign traders pile into U.S. economic strength while the Fed initiates their tightening actions.

So it makes sense to me that global markets would recoil from Fed tightening while debt-heavy corporations/nations seek relief from rising debt obligations....Continue Reading Here.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Death, Taxes, and Time Decay

Few things are certain in life. But as the old saying goes, there is nothing quite so certain as “death and taxes”. As an Options Trader, I would enthusiastically add option time decay to that list.

Options offer traders and investors more leverage and risk mitigation than just purchasing shares outright. For example, if I were to purchase 100 shares of a stock at $100 per share, my total capital outlay would be $10,000. Options give us the right to buy or sell at a certain price for a pre-determined length of time.

I could control that same 100 shares by purchasing an "At the Money" call with a $100 strike price with 90 days to expiration for perhaps $6 per share, or $600 total capital outlay. 

That’s powerful leverage. My downside risk is also limited to....Continue Reading Here.

Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Earn Monthly Dividends By Solar Powering Schools, Businesses and Communities

Like the big oil companies we are diversified across all of the energy sectors. Here is our new favorite, shore up your retirement with this great program.

Join the Sun Exchange today and start generating and selling clean energy online through a global solar cell leasing platform. All from anywhere on the planet.

Sourcing our Solar Projects
Sun Exchange identifies schools, businesses and organisations that want to go solar. Our solar engineers work with local solar construction partners to carefully evaluate proposed solar projects and ensure they meet our core criteria:

* Economic and technical viability
* Social and environmental responsibility

Tip: Sign Up and get notified about new solar project crowd sales coming soon. 

View Upcoming Solar Projects Here

Buying Solar Cells
Once solar projects have been accepted as viable and responsible, we run a crowd sale for the solar cells that will power the project. Any individual or organisation, anywhere in the world, can sign up to be a Sun Exchange member and buy solar cells, even starting with a single solar cell.

Your solar cells will:

* Generate clean energy
* Make a positive social and environmental impact
* Earn income as you lease them to schools, businesses and other organisations
* Reduce your carbon footprint for years to come

  Tip: Buy solar cells in the local currency of the project using credit card, bank transfer, Sun Exchange  
   wallet or Bitcoin (BTC).

Installing Solar Cells
Once a solar cell crowd sale sells out (they go quickly!), installation of the solar project begins. The appointed local construction partners install your solar cells, which typically takes four to six weeks, but can be longer for larger projects.

Tip: Track the status of your solar cells through your Sun Exchange dashboard.

Effortless Solar Income
Generate and sell clean energy. Schools, businesses and organisations pay you to use the clean electricity your solar cells produce. Your lease starts when your solar cells start generating electricity.

You’ll receive your monthly solar income, net of insurance and servicing fees, into your Sun Exchange wallet in your choice of the local currency of the project or Bitcoin (BTC).

Your Sun Exchange dashboard keeps you up to date on:

* Solar project status updates
* Our solar cell earnings (BTC and ZAR)
* The clean energy your solar cells generate (kWh)
* The amount of carbon your solar cells offset (kg CO2)
* Your Sun Exchange wallet balance, payments and withdrawals

  Tip: The monthly income you accumulate in your Sun Exchange wallet can be used to buy more solar cells
   in other solar projects.

Start earning monetized sunshine and offset your carbon footprint, while powering schools, businesses and communities through Sun Exchange.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Screening Key Technicals To Select Option Trade Types

Controlling portfolio beta, which measures overall systemic risk of a portfolio compared to the market, on the whole, is essential as these markets continue to break record high after record high with violent pullbacks. 

The month of September was a prime example as the markets pushed to new all time highs early in the month then suffered a deep sell off to only bounce back to new record highs in October. 

Controlling beta while generating in line or superior returns relative to the market is the goal with an options based portfolio. A beta controlled portfolio can be achieved via a blended options based approach where ~50% cash is held in conjunction with long index based equities and an options component. 

Options alone cannot be the sole driver of portfolio appreciation; however, options can play a critical component in the overall portfolio construction to control beta....Read More Here.


Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Stock & ETF Trading Signals