Thursday, November 11, 2010

Phil Flynn: G-20 And The Price Of A Barrel

Crude oil hit a two year high as US product and oil exports soar, but perhaps the eventual fate of oil and its price level really will be determined by the action or the inaction from the G-20 nations. Imports and exports will be on their mind as China and the US are at a standoff as to whose policies are a bigger threat the global economic recovery.The Chinese really love QE2 because it really takes the focus off of them for being the only currency manipulator.

Of course the Chinese policy of restraining their currency may help them in the short run but it could also be the seeds of their economic problems in the fore. The Chinese may feel that they have to cheat the world to be successful by controlling their currency, but the truth is if they want to maintain their meteoric economic growth over the long run, they would be better served by allowing the market not the government to moderate their economy.

The truth is that the Chinese current manipulation is creating a bubble in their own economy that will burst at some point in the future. And eventually cause major pain for them in the future. Right now of course that may be hard to imagine as everyone on the globe seems to be so bullish on China that they cannot see the major flaw in this story that is staring us right in the face.

The risk of their bubble bursting is increasing everyday yet they refuse to allow their currency to float. You seein a way the Chinese currency manipulation was just as much a factor in the global economic meltdown as was the Fed and the US government’s ill fated Fannie and Freddie excesses......Read the entire article.


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