Friday, February 25, 2011

Is it Really That Easy to Replace Libyan Oil

If you listen to the TV news man we have nothing to worry about. Saudi Arabia will make up for the Libyan crude oil not making it to the market. Well, we know it's just not that simple. Most European refiners that rely on this sweet light crude coming out of Libya cannot handle the high sulphur content and sour nature of the Saudi crude. And that's if the Saudis can even back up the ability to increase their production on the drop of the dime.

Here's how the oil producing countries stack up in quality of oil they produce......



Anonymous said...

Hey, a little disappointed you stopped your daily posts with your predictions and pivot points, etc. Site is still great none the less, what do you see coming for next week? Do we have any points of resistance?

The Crude Oil Trader said...

We do still post our support, resistance and pivot numbers every morning and afternoon. They are in the top right hand column now. You may not see them if you are subscribed on Feedburner, you will need to visit the actual website. For gold numbers please visit our gold trading site at Thanks, Ray @ The Crude Oil Trader