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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a Wrap....Energy Futures End The Week Down

Make sure you understand the simple truth about trends.

The energy futures are down once again today and trading right near the lows of the trading week with crude oil down another $1.35 this Friday morning due to more pessimism about the European debt situation causing prices to be down around $5 dollars for the trading week from last Fridays closing price of 96.50 down around 4% for the week while unleaded gasoline for the June contract is higher by 150 points currently trading at 2.90 a gallon in a quiet trade so far in New York.

Heating oil futures are down slightly currently trading at 2.84 a gallon also sliding for the week around 1200 points from last Fridays close of 2.96 a gallon and in our opinion, like we have been stating in previous blogs, if you look back at 2010 when this problem came up for the first time crude oil prices plummeted on that news and then rebounded later in the year so prices are still relatively high if the situation gets worse but only time will tell.

Natural gas futures are sharply higher once again today up another 14 points in the June contract to seven week highs at 2.74 with renewed optimism that demand will come back into this market with the next major level of resistance around 2.90.

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