Sunday, November 11, 2012

How do Hedge Funds Trade the First 30 Minutes the Markets are Open?

We have been day trading for years, back to the days when we got excited that we could now use this new technology and fax our orders in. And so much has changed over the years on the technology side. But a lot of things still have not changed one bit. Most importantly is the ability to use market psychology when getting the upper hand on traders and investors on the other side of your trades.

Yes, it's true.....we all can't be winners. There is a losing trade on the other side of every one of your winning trades. And I still, after all these years, believe that most of those losing trades are being placed by retail and professional traders that insist on breaking the rules of Trading 101. The pros know them better then anybody and they still continue to allow their emotions to dictate their trades.

That's why I have partnered with my friend Todd Mitchell in promoting his New 30 Minute E-Mini Breakout Strategy. This is a time tested system that takes your emotion out of the equation and allows you to make your trades in the first 30 minutes that the market is open, then go on with your life. Regardless of news cycles and market reactions. I am buying this for myself, we have traders in our family and our shop that will benefit from the immensely. So should you.

It's free to sign up, watch Todd's video and ask him questions about the program and the way the system works. This is the guy that hedge fund managers are sending their new employees to so they can use the system in their shops. Why wouldn't you take a minute to sign up, read the comments traders are leaving about the program and ask Todd your own questions.

OK, enough of me....I need to get ready for the first 30 minutes of trading on Monday.

See you in the markets,
Ray C. Parrish
President/CEO at The Crude Oil Trader

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