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Thursday, June 11, 2015

What exactly was behind John's "Big Trade"

I still believe this is when everything changed for the average trader. It was only weeks later that the talking heads on CNBC were offering up their own versions and books about trading options in this way. That's right, I honestly believe that our good friend and trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options wrote the book on options trading. Literally.

And the actual sea change came when John placed this public [that's right live for all to see on screen] trade in Tesla [ticker TSLA] last year. And in the process made one million dollars. And John continues using and refining those simple methods and sharing them with our readers.

He is back again this week with a new video and as always is absolutely free!

Watch John's new video "What's Behind the BIG Trade" > Here

In this short and powerful video, John will show you.....

  *  How he made that famous million dollar trade

  *  The number one goal of every trader so you can consistently make money trading

  *  The difference between trading for income and trading for account growth

  *  Why you don't want to put it all on one big trade because you can have consistent account growth

  *  The best vehicle you can use to grow an account fast

  *  Examples of trades made this year that you could have used to grow your account

      Watch the video HERE

      See you in the markets,
      Ray C. Parrish
      aka the Crude Oil Trader

Get John's latest version of his FREE eBook "Understanding Options"....Just Click Here!

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