Friday, June 18, 2010

Phil Flynn: Getting BP'D

Oh sure it is easy to skewer the CEO of BP on Capitol Hill but what good does that do for the people suffering down in the Gulf! Democrats got their pound of flesh and spewed their anger and outrage at Tony Heyward, yet at the same time what are these sanctimonious politicians doing to help contain the damage in the Gulf of Mexico.The Deep Water Horizon exploded back on April 20, yet the Obama administration still refuses to make an all out effort to clean up and contain the spill.

Deroy Murdock of Scripps News writes that 3 days after the explosion, “the Dutch offered to sail to the rescue on ships bedecked with oil skimming booms. They also had a plan for erecting protective sand barricades."The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, "Thanks, but no thanks,'" Dutch consul general Geert Visser told the Houston Chronicle's Loren Steffy. Then after initially refusing to name them, the State Department on May 5 declared that 11 other countries and the UN also had offered skimmer boats and other assets and experts to prevent the oil from destroying.....Read the entire article.

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