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Monday, August 23, 2010

Phil Flynn: All The News That Did Not Happen

I guess before we start to talk about all news that might drive energy trading, let’s talk about the factors that many of you thought might drive the market this week but did not. I heard from some that they thought that this weekend Israel would bomb Iran’s nuclear sites. Did not happen. Others were worried that the market would be impacted by what is now tropical storm Danielle. Well it looks like Danielle will miss the Gulf of Mexico and go up the East Coast. Of course oil bulls have been hoping for some event to help them out as the shoulder season approaches us with supplies near multi decade highs and gasoline futures near 6 month lows.

As more questions arise about the strength of the economy, the weight upon the market is getting larger. It is getting harder to justify long positions especially as the economic recovery is locked in a quagmire. Weak jobs data and manifesting data and a sense that the economy is going nowhere really is making the market look heavier and heavier with each passing day. In fact even in China crude inventories are rising. Dow Jones reported that China's commercial crude oil stockpiles.....Read the entire article.

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