Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Video - After a Tough 2010, What's Next for Crude Oil Traders?

I doubt that many traders would argue that the crude oil market in 2010 proved to be a tough commodity sector to get any real feel for the trend and direction. 2010 just did not produce any discernible, lasting trend in the oil market. The trends it has produced have lasted little more than just 3 or 4 weeks at best.

So what's next for crude oil traders in 2010 and into 2011?

In today's short video we examine the fact that crude oil briefly traded over $90 a barrel before falling back. So what made the crude oil market reverse course and fall back? Was it selling, was it profit taking, a technical point, or something else? We are examining crude oil in detail using a tool that we think is very appropriate for this type of market at the moment.

We have not discussed this technical indicator in any of our previous videos and I think when you see how it works and how you can use it your own trading, you will be pretty impressed.

We still look at our "Trade Triangles" of course, but "Trade Triangles" tend to work best with markets that eventually get into big trends and that's really where you make your money.

If you have a few minutes and you'd like to learn about this new/old technical indicator that has generally been overlooked by many traders, you will find this video very interesting. This 30 year old indicator has proven to be very effective in this year's crude oil market so you don't want to miss this video.

As always our videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements. Please take a moment to leave a comment and tell us what you think of the video and the direction of crude oil.

Watch "After a Tough 2010, What's Next for Crude Oil Traders?"


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