Friday, January 7, 2011

Does This Indicator Make Gold an "Easy" Trade?

Gold bulls took one of their biggest hits in some time on January 4th and so far it has failed to appreciably recover. So what's next for this most precious metal? Take a few minutes and watch how this one little indicator has been catching the swings in gold incredibly well for the last several months. You may or may not be familiar with this little known profit maker, but if you're not yet using it you certainly want to learn how to profit from it in 2011.

We are talking about the Williams %R indicator. The Williams indicator is calculated using 14 periods and can be used on intraday, daily, weekly or monthly data. The time frame and number of periods will likely vary according to desired sensitivity and the characteristics of the individual security. And lately it has been very reliable for entry and exit strategies on gold. Watch our latest video from MarketClubs Adam Hewison on how he has used the Williams indicator for trading gold.

In December Hewsison told us "On charts, gold cut early losses, bouncing off lows at around $1,362 an ounce, a key support level in line with a series of lows set in December". Hewison also said "gold's bounce up from session lows signals that it has found support after falling this week. Every time when gold had gotten down to these levels, it's very close to making a reversal higher. Gold has risen toward its record $1,430.95 an ounce level three times since November but failed each time." Let's go to the video and see how Adam will trade gold using the Williams indicator.


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