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Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Futures Recap with Mike Seery

We’ve asked our trading partner Michael Seery to give our readers a weekly recap of the Futures market. He has been Senior Analyst for close to 15 years and has extensive knowledge of all of the commodity and option markets.

Michael frequently appears on multiple business networks including Bloomberg news, Fox Business, CNBC Worldwide, CNN Business, and Bloomberg TV. He is also a guest on First Business, which is a national and internationally syndicated business show.

Crude oil futures continued their downward trend finishing lower by $1.75 a barrel in the December contract closing last Friday at 97.80 and going out this Friday at 94.50 a barrel hitting a 4 month low. Crude oil prices have declined in the last 4 consecutive trading days as the next major resistance is at 91 and I have been recommending a short position in this market for quite some time and I do think prices are headed lower as there is a global supply glut of crude oil with slowing demand and rising inventories. This is the 1st time I can remember in many years where the stock market & crude oil prices are going in opposite directions which tells me the stock market is starting to benefit from lower gas prices as the unemployment rate still remains relatively high keeping demand low.

When I recommended this trade a couple weeks ago it had excellent chart structure risking around $500 on the trade and this one continues to move lower so continue to place your stop at the 10 day high if you took my advice because I do think prices are headed under $90 a barrel within the next couple of weeks especially if the U.S dollar continues to move higher as it’s done in the last 2 trading sessions. Many of the commodity markets continue to move lower with crude oil acting as the leader as the characteristics in many commodities at this time is an oversupply which is pressuring prices currently but economies around the world are starting to improve & it will put a floor on prices, however crude oil in my opinion is headed sharply lower. TREND: LOWER –CHART STRUCTURE: EXCELLENT

The silver market finished unchanged today after hitting a 5 week high earlier in the week then selling off $1.00 in yesterday’s trade to settle today around 21.80 an ounce. The Federal Reserve will continue its bond buying for the foreseeable future therefore which is bullish silver in my opinion but what happened in yesterday’s trade was buy the rumor and sell the fact as I think prices are still headed higher. I have been recommending a long position in many previous blogs and I do think that silver will retest the summer highs of $25 dollars and head towards $30 an ounce possibly by Christmas time. Silver is trading above its 20 and 100 day moving average signaling that the trend is getting stronger and with stronger economies around the world coupled with a weak U.S dollar silver gains may have just begun as I still think prices are cheap. Remember silver prices are down about 35% from their 52 week highs so there is room to run on the upside especially if the dollar drops another 300-500 points which is what the Federal Reserve is trying to accomplish and they are doing an excellent job I just wish they were as good at building websites as they are at printing money. TREND: HIGHER –CHART STRUCTURE: EXCELLENT

Coffee futures for the December contract continue to slump in New York right near a 5 year low as prices had been down 14 consecutive trading days currently at 105.55 a pound up 15 points in a lack luster trade today as prices look to break 100 and the next couple of weeks as supplies around the world are huge. The huge world production and harvest continuing in Vietnam pressuring prices as nobody has interest in buying coffee at this point and there is a real possibility of prices dropping to the 90 – 100 level and if prices do get down to the 90 level in my opinion I would start to be a buyer as eventually this market will turn around and all the bad news is already reflected in the price but it still looks weak at this time. Coffee is trading way below its 20 and 100 day moving average down over 400 points for the week continuing to be one of the best bear markets around. TREND: LOWER –CHART STRUCTURE: EXCELLENT

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