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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Special Invitation from The Crude Oil Trader

Over the last 12 months, the price of gold bullion has fallen by about 3%. Gold stocks, however, have been devastated. Even great companies with great projects have lost 50% or more.

By some estimates, upwards of one third of all listed exploration and development stocks are now on the verge of failing. It was in the context of this disaster in gold stocks that our friends at Casey Research assembled an emergency summit of some of the top thinkers in the natural resource sector.

There were three compelling reasons for this meeting, which was videotaped and assembled into an online webinar.

1. To answer the overarching question – is the long bull market in gold and silver over?

2. To specifically discuss the dismal state of the resource stock market and what actions investors should take immediately to reduce further losses.

3. To assess whether the price action of gold stocks in the face of historic, global, central bank money printing has set the stage for explosive upside.

As panelist Bill Bonner commented during the filming, "The time to buy gold stocks is when nobody wants to buy them… when even you don't want to buy them."

With the gold share market in complete capitulation, that is very much the case today.

Downturn Millionaires, the title of this extremely timely webinar, was filmed on location at Doug Casey's La Estancia de Cafayate in scenic northwest Argentina, with video feeds to key players in Vancouver.

Featured guests included legendary resource investors Doug Casey and Rick Rule, as well as Louis James, the globe-trotting editor of the International Speculator. Tackling the macro picture for precious metals was best-selling author of Endgame, John Mauldin, as well as Bill Bonner, editor of the Diary of a Rogue Economist. Casey Research's David Galland acted as program moderator.

The webinar will go live April 8th at 2pm ET.

The webinar is free of charge. However, to ensure adequate bandwidth to accommodate all viewers, Casey Research is asking you sign up in advance by clicking the link below and registering with your email address.

Having listened to the observations and specific recommendations of the program panelists, I can say without reservation that if you own any gold shares or have any interest in learning about what may be one of the greatest contrarian investments of a generation, you'll want to sign up for this free webinar today.

Click here to register for Downtown Millionaires now!

By return email you'll receive confirmation and your link to attend the event, which goes live on April 8th at 2pm ET.

Feel free to pass this invitation to everyone you know who may be interested in a once in a lifetime opportunity to profit as the best of the resource stock sector comes roaring back, while the fiat currencies stumble.


Ray C. Parrish

President/CEO @ The Crude Oil Trader

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