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Monday, June 7, 2010

Phil Flynn: The Great Misleader

The reason why last week's jobs report was so bad was because we were mislead and told it was supposed to be so good. The Obama administration told the markets a big whopper and the market made them pay. The global economy is looking for confidence and credibility so when the administration misled us the market now thinks they may be hiding something worse. Both Obama and Bided falsely raised the expectations of the market place by touting a super strong jobs report that was not there on Friday.

If you don’t have anything truthful to say about an upcoming report then say nothing at all. If you want to spin the report to your own political advantage, well that is fine with me but do it after the report is released and not before. So much for this so called great jobs report that showed that the private sector employment is struggling. The part of the report that they were trying to get people to focus on was the headline number that showed there were 431,000 jobs created in May nationwide. Sounds great but.....Read the entire article.

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