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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update on Todd's RHT Trade and A New JOY Global Long Trade

In today’s video COT contributor Todd Mitchel show us where he is trailing his stop up to lock in more profits in the RHT (Red Hat, Inc.) stock trade, which by the way is doing exactly what he said it would do. He will then discuss another long stock trade (JOY = Joy Global, Inc.) that he put on yesterday afternoon at 63.21.

This trade is working out very nicely too.....80% of the first profit objective has already been hit at 65.17 (+1.96 point profit per share already) – and now his trailing stop has already been moved up to 63.60 locking in .39. So, regardless what JOY does from here, he came out way ahead and the trade is a winner. Be sure to watch the entire video for all the details and have a fantastic weekend!

Watch "Update on Todd's RHT Trade and A New JOY Global Long"

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