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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New video: Carolyn Borodens "Secrets to Maximizng your Profits and Minimizing your Risk"

In today's new video from John Carter he shows us how the strategies taught to him by our very own Carolyn "The Fibonacci Queen" Boroden helped him make 93k because Carolyn made it clear how to use her secrets to know when to exit these big trades.

You may recognize Carolyn from CNBC, but she's trading with us now. If you have been following the Crude Oil Trader then you know John Carter has made us a lot of money in 2013. Bringing in HIS instructor, one of the real "hot hands" on Wall Street, is going to take all of us to another level whether you are trading commodities, equities, currencies or options.

Click Here to Watch Video

Here's what John will be covering in this video. You'll learn......

• How to Know When to Enter a Trade

• How to Know When to Take Profits

• How to Find Key Levels to Take High Probability Trades

• How to Time Your Trade for Maximum Profit

• How to Minimize Your Risk

Just click Here to Watch Carolyn Bordens "Secrets to Maximizng your Profits and Minimizing your Risk"

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