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Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Precious Metals Market Recap with Mike Seery

The precious metals had one of the best weeks to the upside in quite some time because of statements from Ben Bernanke coming out basically stating he’s going to continue QE3 forever which put the fire under gold prices up 4 days in a row before Friday as profit taking set in down about $3 at 1,277 an ounce after settling last Friday 1,212 now trading at 1,278 above its 20 day moving average but below its 100 day moving average and now has started to form excellent chart structure with a possible bottom being formed in recent weeks hitting a 3 week high in yesterday’s trade.

I have been bearish gold and the precious metals for quite some time but I’m recommending to sit on the sidelines with a possible break out to the upside which is pretty amazing as I’ve been bearish forever but the trend can change very quickly so I’m looking at gold to the upside if it breaks out above 1300.

Silver futures for the September contract are right at their 20 day moving average but below their 100 day moving average also at a 3 week high also developing excellent chart structure settling last Friday at 18.73 up around $1.00 this week currently going out around 19.78 an ounce and if you’re looking to get long this market I would buy a futures mini contract and place a stop below the contract low risking around $1500 per contract.

Copper futures which I have been bearish for quite some time and now I’m neutral because it hit a 10 day high in yesterday’s trade also with excellent chart structure settling at 3.0650 last Friday currently going out around 3.17 a pound trading above its 20 day moving average with a possible short term bottom in place as the entire precious metal sector is starting to look bullish.

I’m still advising traders to sit on the sideline and wait for a 4 week high before entering and that could be next week especially if we have tighter trading ranges but the tide may have turned as Ben Bernanke refuses to let commodity, housing and stock prices to go down & he will do anything in is power to keep printing money and keep artificially inflating prices that should be much lower in my opinion.

This man has way too much power in my opinion there are 7 billion people on this planet with one person dictating everything & I think that is out of control & has never happened in the history of the world and I do believe one day this will end in a total disaster and I do mean total disaster.

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