Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I Truly Think This is the Best $149 You Will Ever Spend

If you have been following me for a while, then you know my analysis and trades are the real deal. You also would know that I made over $1.9 million from the financial markets during the 2008 crash and recover into 2010. I have been semi-retired since the age of 27. I continue to follow, predict, and trade the markets because its the ultimate business and my passion.

A bear market and its recovery can make your rich in a very short period. I believe this is about to happen again, so why not follow my super simple SP500 ETF investing strategy? Trade with your investment account and become a stock market success with me!

I'm offering my investing signals for the next few years to those who want to know their investment capital is in the asset. Let face it, there is a time to be 100% long stocks, to own an inverse fund, and when to sit in cash. Your financial advisor would NEVER recommend a cash position, why because he is not allowed, he and his firm will not make money. Instead, they will keep you long stocks, with some bonds, and you will have to ride out the bear market rollercoaster again.

During the March Market crash, the BEST position was cash for short term trades. EVERY asset fell in value (stocks, bonds, gold, commodities) two months ago. Only one asset rallied, guess what it was? The USD dollar (CASH), moving to USD cash, gained a whopping 11% while most indexes and sectors fell 35-80+%. All you had to do was close all positions in your portfolio, and you would have looked like a hero, and that's what I did with my account and members of my swing trading newsletter.

Follow me to success. Trade my most simple single ETF strategy and know when to own stocks, when to own an inverse ETF, or be in cash. For only $149 you can have the keys to the kingdom during a time when we are going to experience more historical price swings. This is as good as it gets, in my opinion.

Even if we don't enter a new bear market this year, my investing signals will still nail the bull market and make you a ton of money. This is the most affordable insurance plan for your retirement account, so you don't lose it - Period!

Chris Vermeulen
Founder of The Technical Traders 

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