Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Phil Flynn: Here We Go Again

Ok, now let's get this straight. They write a big check to Greece to try to restore confidence in the EU and then Germany decides to shake that confidence a bit by banning “naked short selling” in stocks. Once again just when the market tried to put this EU crisis behind us, here we go again. Producer prices came in at a negative as deflation pressures are mounting and the last shred of confidence the market held on to was dashed by the terrible timing of Germany’s BaFin financial services regulator saying that it will introduce a temporary ban on naked short-selling and naked credit default swaps of euro area government bonds starting at the midnight hour.

As in last night! It had appeared that the market was starting to stabilize but now what! Way to go guys. Way to go to not instilling confidence. The BaFin Financial service head Jochen Sanio is the same one that said that speculators were, "waging a war of aggression against the euro zone." He is now taking steps to make sure speculators stay away and make them less likely to buy euro zone toxic debt from countries like Greece who fraudulently hid the magnitude of their real debt in the first place. No wonder the euro is in trouble as.....Read the entire article.

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