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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekly Crude Oil, Gold, Coffee and Sugar Markets Recap with Mike Seery

It's been a wild ride in the markets this week. And our trading partner Mike Seery is back this week to give our readers a weekly recap of the futures market. He has been a senior analyst for close to 15 years and has extensive knowledge of all of the commodity and option markets.

Crude oil futures in the August contract are trading far below their 20 and 100 day moving average settling in New York last week at 56.93 a barrel while currently trading at 52.66 down about $7 for the trading week hitting a three month low as I’ve been recommending a short position for quite some time and if you took that trade continue to place your stop loss above the 10 day high which currently stands at 59.70 as the chart structure will improve on a daily basis.

The next level of major support is at 49/51 as oversupply issues continue to hamper prices here in the short term coupled with the fact of a possible Chinese slowdown affecting many commodities especially oil prices, however if you did not take the original trade the chart structure is terrible at the current time as the risk/reward is not your favor so sit on the sidelines and look for better markets with less risk. The U.S dollar is sharply lower this afternoon as a possible deal with Greece is on the table, however the dollar is still up significantly in the year 2015 and that’s keeping pressure on commodities as deflation is a worldwide problem so play by the rules and place the proper stop loss as who knows how prices can go.
Trend: Lower
Chart Structure: Poor

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Gold futures in the August contract are trading below their 20 and 100 day moving average settling last week at 1,163 while currently trading at 1,160 down slightly and traded as low as 1,146 in Wednesdays trade hitting a three month low as I’ve been recommending a short position and if you took that trade place your stop loss above the 10 day high which currently stands at 1,188 risking around $28 or $1,000 per mini contract plus slippage and commission.

The chart structure will improve starting next week as the trend still remains bearish as I still see no reason why to own the precious metals as their looks to be agreement with Greece possibly over the weekend but all of the interest still lies in the S&P 500 in my opinion which is sharply higher this Friday afternoon. The U.S dollar is down 90 points today which generally is very bullish precious metals, however gold is unchanged this Friday afternoon as volatility remains low as platinum, copper, and palladium are all near contract lows which will pressure gold prices in the long run in my opinion so continue to play this to the downside while taking advantage of any price rally while maintaining the proper stop loss of 2% of your account balance on any given trade.
Trend: Lower
Chart Structure: Excellent

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Coffee futures in the December contract settled last week in New York at 131.15 while currently trading at 129.80 a pound slightly lower for the trading week still trading below its 20 and 100 day moving average telling you that the short term trend is to the downside and the long term trend is also to the downside as I’m now recommending a short position while placing your stop loss above the 10 day high which currently stands 137.40 risking around 800 points or $3,000 per contract plus slippage and commission as this trade should only be taken with a large trading account.

Coffee prices continue their slow grinding bearish trend with very little volatility as the fundamentals have improved with Brazilian coffee exports rising to a record in the crop year ending June 30th up 6.9% to 36.5 million bags but that has been unable to support prices as we continue to move lower because of oversupply. The chart structure will start to improve in the next couple of days lowering monetary risk as many of the commodity markets still look weak as anything grown in Brazil continue to be under pressure due to the fact that the Brazilian Real is still right near a historical low versus the U.S dollar.
Trend: Lower
Chart Structure: Solid

Sugar futures in the October contract are trading above their 20 day but still below their 100 day moving average telling you that the trend is mixed after settling last week in New York at 12.30 while currently trading at 12.12 slightly lower for the trading week as I’m currently sitting on the sidelines waiting for a trend to develop.

Sugar prices continue its long term bearish trend while trading sideways in recent weeks as a breakout to the upside is 12.69 and on the downside below 11.52 so look at other markets that are currently trending as sugar prices look to go nowhere. Volatility in sugar prices at the current time is relatively low as I still do think lower prices are ahead but prices remain choppy so keep a close eye on this market as oversupply issues continue to pressure sugar coupled with an extremely weak Brazilian Real versus the U.S dollar as there are very few fundamental bullish reasons to push prices up at the current time.
Trend: Mixed
Chart Structure: Solid

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Mike's Trading Theory

What Does Risk Management Mean To You? I generally tell people that the reason people lose money in commodities is not due to the fact that they are bad at predicting where prices are headed, however they are bad when it comes to losing trades and refusing to take a loss which results for heavy monetary losses that are difficult to come back from.

For example if a customer has $100,000 account in my opinion on any given trade he or she should risk 2% – 3% of the account value meaning if you are wrong the worst case scenario is still a $97,000 remaining balance, however what I always see is traders risking ridiculous amounts of money and instead of the 3% stop loss will risk 20% to 30% on any given trade or even higher therefore if you are wrong on two or three trades that $100,000 dollar account could dwindle down to nothing very quickly and I’ve seen it many times throughout my career.

What many traders forget to realize is they might have 4 or 5 commodity positions on and if you have too many contracts on all at the same time and all of those trades go against you which is very possible the losses can add up to be staggering so what I am suggesting to you is if you have $100,000 account risk between $2,000 – $3,000 per trade so if you lose on five straight trades the worst case scenario is that your down $15,000 and still have an $85,000 balance which is very possible to still come back from and your still in the game.

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