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Friday, May 31, 2013

Are you trading with "Only 7 In Your Clip"

Ever watch those cop shows where they run low on bullets? In the middle of a firefight, one of them is down to a clip of slugs. It happens in war movies as well. What is the advice given? Pick your shots and skip the rest. This simply means don’t shoot aimlessly but have your eye firmly on what is probably a sure shot.

Over trading in trading is the problem many people have. Wanting to stack up the wins or recover from some losses is something we have all done or at least want to do. I am sure that many who have their rules down tight still have the urge but don’t follow through.

Obviously, constantly being in the market is a risk. Trade after trade, you never know which is going to be the winner as wins/losses are a random distribution. Having a few trades go in your direction is a good thing but they more you play, the more you may pay. I am not talking commissions only as paying the losses can add up to some hefty account percentage. Taking loss after loss? Unless the dynamics of the market have changed during your losing streak, expect more.

The simple thing to do ( I say simple, not easy ) is trade less and only trade the golden ones. What does that mean? Only take the trades that adhere 100% to your current setup definition.

Think of it this way. I am giving you 7 bullets in a clip. You only have 7 shots to define your week as successful or not. When those 7 slugs are gone, you are out of the action. How are you going to fire these shots to make them count?

If your plan calls for tests of support/resistance plus selling the high/low break of the reversal candle when exceeding 2 pips/ticks/points, do exactly that. Nothing marginal. No guesswork. Either the setup is there precisely as your plan states or it is not.

|Many people go into the heavy psychological reasons behind over trading. The “whys and what” may be great for an academic but solving it is much easier than laying out on a psychologists couch talking about your past. Just don’t do it. Have a rule of 7 bullets in the clip for the week. Walk away when you are empty. Many of you will fight the internal battle…sometimes even physical discomfort but look, we are all adults here. You DO have the power to choose WHAT you DO.

Let’s sum up the exercise. For the next few weeks, limit yourself to 7 trades per week. Pick the shots that fit your criteria exactly, without a shred of difference. This builds a solid habit of following rules and being in control of yourself. Without those, trading will not be something you will succeed at. That is not being dramatic, that is truth.

What some people need is accountability. When you are a member of the Premier Trader University trading program, there are trading coaches there that can assist you with staying true to a plan. With systems that plot out exactly where to enter and exit (even trail your stop), the only true battle you will face is with yourself trying to out think the market.

In the end, you want to be accountable to yourself. That takes time and this exercise can help you do just that.

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