Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Energy Recap with Mike Seery

The energy futures bucked the trend this week despite the fact that the dollar continues to surge higher but is not putting any pressure on energy prices as July crude oil is still trading above its 20 and 100 day moving average finishing up around $.90 this Friday afternoon at 96.40 a barrel climbing higher for the 3rd consecutive day following the S&P 500 to the upside.

I’ve been advising traders to sit on the sideline in this market because there is no chart structure and I guess the trend might be to the upside but at this point I don’t believe there’s a solid trend to sink your teeth in with major resistance at 98 – 100 which could be tested next week. This market is showing incredible strength in my opinion due to the fact that gold is falling out of bed with many other commodities but even with record supplies here in the United States prices still continue to hang near the top and of the trading range.

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Heating oil futures for the June contract are trading above their 20 day moving average but below their 100 day moving average trading right at 4 week highs up around 300 points the trading week looking to breakout to the upside with major resistance at 2.95 as crude oil is propping up all of the products.

Unleaded gasoline for the June contract is trading above its 20 day moving average but still below its 100 day moving average hitting a 5 week high today as I’ve stated many previous blogs I believe a triple bottom may have occurred in unleaded gas prices and I think were headed higher as demand season for gas starts Memorial Day weekend.

The chart structure in heating oil and in unleaded gasoline is much better than it is in crude oil so focus on the products at this time especially unleaded gas to the upside as prices here in Chicago are flirting around 4.75 a gallon because the fact that we have extremely high taxes and a special summer blend so there is a chance that we could see prices head higher at the pump the summer.

Trend: Higher – Chart structure excellant

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