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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Update.....Is it finally time to go long coffee? Mike Seery weighs in!

Late last week one of our trading partners Jim Robinson gave us his take on the sideways trading in coffee right now. Mike Seery jumps in to give us his take with a recap on how coffee traded last week and where he sees it headed. Is it time to go long coffee?

Coffee futures finished down 295 points and had a disappointing week finishing lower by about 800 points still in a real seesaw chart pattern finishing around 137.00 a pound creating a false breakout to the upside last week with a false breakout to the downside a couple weeks ago so were still unable to breakout of this 8 week consolidation.

We are entering the volatile season in coffee as frost season is right around the corner which could propel prices higher if there are any weather problems but this trend is sideways and I’m still recommending traders to avoid this market until a trend develops and I do believe that the three year downturn in prices is nearing an end in my opinion.

One strategy if you’re looking to get involved in coffee and avoid some of the volatility which could be coming is to look at bull call option spreads and that is an option play which limits your risk to what the premium cost and I would go out to the month of September which gives you around 3 months to hold that position before expiration.

Trend: Sideways – Chart structure - excellent

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