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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Market Recap with Mike Seery - Gold, Silver and Coffee

Here is a weekly recap of the gold, silver and coffee markets from our trading partner Mike Seery.....  

Gold futures traded up $7 for the trading week and higher by $15 dollars an ounce this Friday afternoon at 1,340 still in a sideways to downward pattern & I am still advising traders to sit on the sidelines and wait for a real trend to develop, but I do believe that prices look weak at this level and are headed lower with the possibility of testing 1,290 once again. Gold is still trading below its 20 and 100 day moving average and it wouldn’t surprise me to see gold retest the June 28th low of 1,182 but that day prices closed at 1,225 & that’s only about $100 dollars away and I think in the long run if your bullish gold you probably want to see gold retest that level and rebound strongly confirming that the possibility of a long-term bottom would be in place. The chart structure in gold is improving which will allow you to place a closer stop loss in the futures market minimizing your risk especially if you trading the mini contract and the liquidity in the gold futures are outstanding as money flowed back into the stock market today and out of the precious metals. TREND: SIDEWAYS TO LOWER –CHART STRUCTURE: IMPROVING

The silver market was basically unchanged for the trading week and finished up 10 cents at 21.85 this Friday afternoon in New York in a real lack luster trade as volatility has slowed down in recent days but I don’t think that will last for long as silver is one of the most volatile commodities in the world on a daily basis. Silver futures are still trading below their 20 but right at their 100 day moving average with a possible retest of the recent low at 21.22 and is still looks relatively weak in my opinion but if you’re a long term investor I still believe silver prices are cheap & I do think prices will head higher eventually but they might retest the $20 level first in my opinion. Silver is extremely volatile and impossible to try & pick a top or bottom so the object is if your bullish is to try to buy near the bottom or what I still believe is to take advantage of big down days in silver. The most recent high in silver was 25.17 which was during the Syria situation so prices have dropped around $3.50 from those highs; however I think prices will chop around for a while and form a long term bottom at these levels. TREND: SIDEWAYS – CHART STRUCTURE: SOLID

The coffee market continues its bearish trend in New York this week trading as high as 119 on Wednesday in the December contract looking to possibly breakout to the upside but then prices got slammed hitting a 4 1/2 year low down another 180 points at 113.90 this Friday with the next major support between 100 – 110 & in my opinion it looks like were headed to those price levels. The coffee market has excellent chart structure allowing you to place a tight stop loss above 119 if you’re looking to get short risking around $2,000 per contract as rumors of a massive crop coming out of Vietnam possibility 29 million bags which is well above recent estimates of 27 million bags pushing prices lower and I still believe if prices get down to the 100 level & your long term investor prices look awful cheap at major yearly support. The biggest fundamental problem with coffee currently is supplies are huge with excellent growing conditions around the world which is keeping a lid on prices at this time. The one positive influence coffee has is the fact that all the bad news is already priced into the market and the fact that the U.S dollar is hitting another 8 month low today could start to support coffee and all the other commodities as well in my opinion. TREND: LOWER – CHART STRUCTURE: EXCELLENT

What do I mean when I talk about chart structure and why do I think it is so important when deciding to enter or exit a trade? I define chart structure as a slow and grinding up or down trend with low volatility and no chart gaps. Many of the great trends that develop have very good chart structure with many low percentage daily moves over a course of at least 4 weeks thus allowing you to enter a market and allowing you to place a stop loss with will be relatively close due to small moves thus reducing risk.

Charts that have violent up and down swings are not considered to have solid chart structure but markets that continue to trend like the current soybean complex allowing for you to place close stops as it continues to fall dramatically. I always like to place my stops at 10 day highs or 10 day lows and if the charts have a tight pattern that will allow the trader to minimize risk which is what trading is all about and if the chart has big swings your stop will be further away allowing the possibility of larger monetary loses.

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