Sunday, October 3, 2010

Natural Gas Weekly Technical Outlook For Sunday Oct. 3rd

Natural gas continued to stay in sideway consolidations in familiar range last week and outlook remains unchanged. While another rise cannot be ruled out, we'd expect upside to be limited by 4.288 support turned resistance and bring resumption of the whole fall from 5.196. Below 3.732 minor support will suggest that such consolidation is completed and will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 3.61 support. Break will target 3.0 psychological level next. However, decisive break of 4.288 will indicate that a short term bottom is at least formed and will bring stronger rise to 5.007 resistance instead.

In the bigger picture, whole decline from 6.108 is still in progress and further fall should be seen to 100% projection of 6.108 to 3.81 from 5.194 at 2.896 next. More importantly, recent development revived the case that medium term rebound from 2.409 is completed at 6.108 already. Also, fall from 6.108 might indeed be resuming the long term down trend for a new low below 2.409. We'll pay attention to the structure of the current decline for more hints. On the upside, break of 4.288 resistance will be the first signal of reversal. Further break of 5.007/194 resistance zone will in turn argue that fall from 6.108 has finished.

In the longer term picture, while the bounce from 2.409 was strong, it's been limited below 55 months EMA (now at 5.814) and reversed. The failure to sustain above 55 weeks EMA (now at 4.498) also argue that 2.409 might not be the bottom yet. We'll stay bearish as long as this year's high of 6.108 holds and favor a new low below 2.409 going forward.

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