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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Could TPLM Be The Most Undervalued Bakken Producer

From Bret Jensen, Daily columnist for RealMoney at Chief Investment Strategist for Simplified Asset Management......

Earlier this month, I did a deep dive analysis on Triangle Petroleum (click here to get your free trend analysis for Triangle Petroleum). I argued based on recent acquisitions, this Bakken energy producer was tremendously undervalued compared to its acreage and production. I postulated that the stock could double over the next 18-24 months. The stock sold at $5.40 a share at the time of the article. TPLM has moved up more than 25% since then and I continue to see further upside ahead of this fast growing producer.

Today, I want to talk about quite possibly the most undervalued producer in the Bakken that I have in my own portfolio, Emerald Oil (EOX). I would have led with Emerald, except the company has been a serial disappointment to investors over the last couple of years. However, its production and acreage is significantly undervalued by the market. The company also appears to be picking up some positive catalysts and finally looks poised to enable a sustained rise in its equity price.

The company is a small ($160mm market capitalization) independent E&P concern. The company’s main production comes from the 54,000 net acres (23,500 operated acres/30,500 non-operated acres) it has in the Bakken shale region (Williston). It has tens of thousands of other net acres in other shale regions outside the Bakken. Emerald’s main production comes from its core Williston acreage and it has been in the process of selling off its other properties to raise capital to concentrate on developing its operated acreage in the Bakken

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EOX Emerald Oil Inc

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