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Monday, June 24, 2013

Next webinar "Using Spreads with Maximum Success" featuring John Carter

Our trading partner John Carter of Simple Options notified us today that with the current market conditions we had better bring our clients up to speed on how to maximize their profits with spreads.

So John has scheduled a special webinar for this Tuesday, June 25th at 8 p.m. est, that will do just that. Hope you can make it to this special event where John is not only going to teach us how to use spreads but how it can be done in any size trading account. No matter how big or small your account is.

Just click here for details and to get your seat reservation

John's years of experience and success make all of his events 'can't miss'. Remember, there's no cost to attend, but make sure you take notes so you can apply what he teaches to your trading Wednesday morning, the very next trading day.

See you there,
Ray @ The Crude Oil Trader

Watch "Using Spreads with Maximum Success"

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