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Thursday, June 27, 2013

OTS Profits Through the Market Correction

During the recent carnage our friends at Options Trading Signals managed to lock in 16.80%, 32.20%, & 41.49% returns. Let's see how J.W. Jones and the staff at OTS can help us do the same......

As we move into Quarter end, many investors and traders suffered a sizable drawdown in mid to late June. However, members of Options Trading Signals closed 3 trades during the selling carnage for huge overall gains.

As a professional trader, a focus on implied volatility, probability of success, and a typically contrarian market view have served members well since the inception of the service back in December of 2010. A summarized description of recent action in the OTS Portfolio is described below.

On June 13th the OTS Portfolio took a Put Debit Spread on VXX. The reasoning behind the trade was the expectation that volatility would decline going into triple witching on Friday’s expiration. As expected, volatility contracted and on June 19th the VXX position was closed for a gross gain per spread of $21. The maximum risk per spread was $125 so the trade produced a gross gain of around 16.80%.

Entire article > "During Recent Market Carnage, OTS Locked in 16.80%, 32.20%, & 41.49% Returns"

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