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Monday, August 12, 2013

How Many Day Trading Strategies Do You Need?

Our trading partners at MarketGauge have developed a simple, low risk approach to trading that has rewarded them with amazing profits using simple techniques that leverage the Opening Range. 

And they did it with a maximum risk of only $150 on each trade in a documented account! 

Follow the link below to watch a short video from MarketGauge that shows you how their Opening Range approach allows them to end each month in the black, plus see how you can statistically improve your trading for more consistent gains. 
Watch The Short Video Here 
During the video you'll discover:
  • One simple indicator that dramatically improves the profitability of trading the Open Range 
  • How to determine when to trade breakouts vs. reversals for maximum profit 
  • How to avoid breakouts that fail AND profit from the reversals
  • The ‘best’ way to determine stops and targets for consistent returns 
  • And More!
After the video be sure to register for a ‘Live’ event with MarketGauge where they will demonstrate these powerful methodologies and show you the ‘only’ day trading strategy you’ll ever need…  Plus see documented proof that their strategy truly creates an advantage for your trading. 

Go Here To Watch The Video And Register For The Event!

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