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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Market Makers.....Can you be on the same side of the trade?

Tonight, Tuesday August 20th, our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options is going to teach you more in one hour, for NO COST, then you could learn in 3 months. John is going to show us in detail how he uses a weekly options trading method that puts you on the same side of a trade as the market makers. A good place to be.

As of this morning over 10,000 traders have registered and John does limit seating so sign up right away.

Just Click here to Register Now

Here's what he'll be covering...

- How to be on the same side as the Market Maker
- How to protect yourself in a trade
- How to pick the right stock at the right time
- What Wall Street doesn't want you to know about weekly options
- The one simple trick to put the odds in your favor

And much more......

This timely webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 20th at 8:00PM Eastern Time.

Click here to register

After you register you will receive reminder emails automatically so you don't miss the webinar. I don't know if they'll be recording this, or if he'll ever share this information again, so don't miss out.

We'll see you in this free training class, then we'll see you in the markets. Will you be trading with us....or against us?

Ray @ The Crude Oil Trader

Market Makers.....Can you be on the same side of the trade?

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