Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Elephant Trade is Setting Up

It’s a bit unusual for us to reach out to you on the weekend during family time, but this is pretty important. We want to give you a heads up so you don’t miss out on this again. Here’s the situation. Pressure in the markets is building for a big move in the next few weeks. If it hits, this could drive the trends for the coming year.

And I can tell you firsthand that many professional traders and hedge funds will be blindsided by this. They just don’t get what’s driving the markets today. And as you know, that means this set up could be unusually intense (and potentially very profitable) as everyone panics when they discover they’re on the wrong side of the move.

Listen, if you want to grow a small account quickly, then this is the kind of move you need to catch and they only happen about once a year. Now, we want to take a minute to apologize. Here’s why. Our trading partner John Carter released a great free video [click here to watch it] then a special webinar training last week and he went into full detail about this elephant trade set up and how to ride it. And the feedback has been just amazing. Which is why we feel bad.

A whole ton of you missed out because we only sent out one email invitation to register for the webinar. So on Tuesday December 8th at 8 p.m. est John is going to do an encore training for you. Since this message is going out to everyone who missed last time, we strongly encourage you to grab your spot as soon as possible because space is limited.

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This is NOT a replay. The training will be live so you can use what you learn the next day. John will cover any new market developments and tell you how he is trading them in his own account. I think you’ll agree, anyone can identify a big move in hindsight, but that doesn’t do you much good, right?

That’s why we think it’s so important to be transparent and show you John's positions and results in real time. To join us for this special training, grab your spot now.

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By the way, in last week’s training John mentioned a Netflix set up that was forming and several attendees jumped on that and did very, very well. Now, quick trades like that don’t always happen in a live training, but sometimes they do. Remember though, the point of this training is really about how to grow your account fast by catching these big elephant trades.

If you missed the recent big move in the Euro, or AMZN, then you don’t want to miss what we believe will be the big trade of the next 12 months.

So Click Here to Register for this special training now before you forget.

See you Tuesday evening,
Ray C. Parrish
aka the Crude Oil Trader

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