Monday, March 28, 2016

This Weeks Webinar: Don Kaufman's "No BS Guide to Making Money Trading"

Our trading partner Don Kaufman is back this week with another great free webinar on Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. est. And Don is cutting through the BS....literally. He is calling this weeks live presentation a “No BS Guide to Making Money Trading”.

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During this free webinar you will learn....
  • Why options are NOT all about market direction and timing. How you can give yourself the gift of time without paying extra so you can give your trade as much time as it needs
  • Why volatility is not the account killer the media portrays it to be. How you can create a trade with zero exposure to volatility so you never have to worry about volatility again.
  • The myth that options are risky. How you can set your limited risk before you put on the trade so you know exactly what you're risking. Making this strategy the safest way to trade.
  • Why you don't need a lot of money to trade. How you can generate big returns from small moves in a stock
  • How you can use this strategy whether you have a $2,000 account or a 6 figure account
As always make sure you log in early so you don't lose your reserved spot since Don is limiting seating to this free presentation.

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What time for you?

8 p.m. New York Time
7 p.m. Central Time
6 p.m. Mountain Time
5 p.m. Pacific Time

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See you Tuesday night!
Ray C. Parrish

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Don Kaufman

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