Monday, March 7, 2016

Never Get Crushed by Volatility Again, How to Safely Use Volatility to Make Extreme Gains

Did you catch John Carter’s webinar the other night? It was all about how to safely make extreme profits, even in volatile market conditions. If you didn’t make it, then you really missed out and here’s why. As promised, John revealed the setups he used recently to turn $3,300 into $119k in just 3 weeks on GOOGL and a million dollars in one day on TSLA.

No doubt those are astounding case studies. But this simple ‘bread and butter’ trade is what got everyone’s full attention. Right after John started his presentation he put on a live trade following one of his simple setups. As the webinar continued, John calmly managed the trade while he explained in detail how he’s been able to rack up more than 48% gains already this year.

Let’s just say that John proved that he’s cracked the code and is beating Wall Street institutions at their own game. He spelled out how he’s able to get on the right side of this volatility again and again. Everything was super easy to understand, and even newer traders should be able to take advantage of these simple setups.

Just before John wrapped up the webinar, he sold the last of his position with more than $500 in gains. Like he said, not every trade is a winner, but seeing him put real money on the line for thousands of attendees to see was pretty impressive. Listen, you’ve really got to see what John’s doing for yourself.

Most traders are getting wrecked right now with all this volatility, but John’s adapted the setups he’s refined over 25 years to take advantage of these crazy conditions. The good news is that you now have a second chance. By popular demand, next Tuesday March 8th John’s doing an encore webinar on how he is pin pointing these major reversals in advance for such massive gains.

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From now on, you won’t fear volatility… It could become your best friend!

See you in the markets,
Ray C. Parrish
aka the Crude Oil Trader

P.S. If you’re a newer trader with a smaller account, John’s simple setups are especially powerful. Find out how it’s possible to pinpoint major market reversals in advance and safely rack up massive gains while strictly limiting risk.

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